Sunday, September 11, 2011

Data Merging/ Aggrigation

          The joins applied in Universe structure panel between the Two Tables is the Data Merging.
          It is the process of converting Source detail data into Summary data, for the numeric objects (FACTS) under the class panel.
---àDouble click on amount_sold
---àSelect Object from the class panel
---àClick on Properties Tab
---àSelect the Qualification as Measure and select the required aggregated function. By default is Sum.
---àClick on Ok
Note: One source table column is not only added for one time under the class panel, it can be added for any number of times based on Business needs.
If report requirement is to display summary totals of amount_sold and also average total of amount_sold, add amount_sold for two times as an Object in a class. For the first Object add the qualification Measure with the function Sum. For the second Object add the qualification Measure with the function Average.

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