Sunday, September 11, 2011


Using this reporting option we can enable Drilldown and Drillup options.
In the Universe, Hierarchy is created using Dimension objects under the Class panel. All the Objects existing under the class panel as Dimensional object are treated as Default Hierarchies.
Custom Hierarchy:
It is used to define own Hierarchy level based on existing dimension object under the Default Hierarchy.
To create the Custom Hierarchies
----àClick on Tools menu
----àDisplays the List of Default Hierarchies
----àSelect the Radiobutton Custom Hierarchies
----àClick on New
----àName the Hierarchy
----àAdd Year from the Default Hierarchies into Custom Hierarchy area.
----àDrag Quarter under Year Hierarchy
----àDrag Month name under Quarter Hierarchy
----àThen WeekID under Month name
----àClick on Ok
When Custom Hierarchies are created, the Default Hierarchies are disabled in Reporting Environment.
When Multiple Custom Hierarchies are crated at the time of Reporting Business Objects prompts to select the required Hierarchy level to be used in reporting.