Sunday, September 11, 2011

STEP 6: Creating Classes

          One class represents Schema.
A class is assigned with one or more Tables information.
A Table converted in to class can be accessed by Reporting.
To create the class use the following Navigations:
----à Click on Insert Menu------Class
----à Name the Class
----à In the same way create one more Class.
*** Class: Enterprise Information
     SubClass: Business Activity Information.
     SD (class)
        Sales (subclass)
        Billing (subclass)
        Shipping (subclass)
        Agreements/Contracts (subclass)
        Accounts Receivables (subclass)
        Accounts Payables (subclass)
        Cost Centre (subclass)
        Bank Accounts (subclass)
        G/L Accounts (subclass) [General Ledger]

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