Sunday, September 11, 2011

STEP---5: To resolve Loops:

To resolve Loops: To resolve the Lops use the following methods
1)    Delete Unnecessary Joins
         ----à Any join which has Many-to-Many cardinality can be deleted from Structure Panel.
Note: While detecting cardinalities Business Objects reads only few records from the Database Table and returns the relation. To confirm the extract relations Manual Checking is Possible in Universe Structure Panel using
----àRight Click on required table
----àClick on Table Values.
Check the data in common Column which is used in joins. Repeated data display indicates that the cardinality is Many.
2)    Creating Alias Tables
      ----àSelect any Master Table or Dimension Table [Dimension tables are also called as Lookup Tables].
      ----àClick on Alias –Name the Alias Table
      ----àClick on Ok
      ----àDelete the Join which is causing the Loop and create New Join condition between Alias table and Corresponding Fact Tables.

3)    Shortcut Joins:
          Double click on Any Join which is having a Loop
          ----àDouble click
          ----àSelect the Checkbox-----Shortcut Join
          ----àClick on Ok
4)    Context:
To create a Context, select the required Joins (which has no Loops)
      ----àClick on Insert Menu
      ----àName the Context
      ----àClick on Check to find Loops
      ----àIf no Loops are displayed---click on Ok
      ----àClick on Ok.

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