Sunday, September 11, 2011

STEP 7: Create / Insert Objects

          Reporting columns are called as Objects.
To create the Object without selecting any Tables from structure panel, drag the Required column into Class Panel.
By default for every Source Column Dimension Object is the property added, to display source business data as it is in reporting.

Second Procedure to create the Objects:
----à Select the required class from Class Panel
----à Click on Insert Menu
----à Select Object
----à Name the Object [Article ID]
Note: Here Object name can be added with Spaces.
----à Select the Data type as Number
----à Place the Cursor in select Statement
----à Click on Browse in select Area.
----à From Tables and Columns Expand the required Table
----à Double click on the required column
----à Click on Parse to check the Syntax.
----à If parsing is Ok
----à Click on Ok
Data Cleansing:
          Converting Source Non-Unique Data Format into Unique data Format is called as Data Cleansing.
Data Scrubbing:
          Adding Extra column with required Business expression is called as Data Scrubbing.
Data Merging:
          Combining two Tables data is called as Data Merging.
Data Aggregation:
          Converting Source Detailed data into summary Format is called as Data Aggregation.
Note: Manual Navigation is recommended to support Data Cleansing and Data Scrubbing options.

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