Sunday, September 11, 2011

A sample Database and Creating Universe

This sample Database has following Tables.....

Creating the universe for source efashion Database (efashion.mdb)
Use the following Navigations to use ODBC Drivers for efashion Database.
---àClick on Start menu
          ---àControl Panel
          ---àDouble click on Administrator tools
          ---àDouble click on Datasources (ODBC)
          ---àClick on System DSN ---àClick on Add
          ---àSelect Microsoft Access Driver ---à Click on Finish
          ---àName the Database
          ---àClick on Select
          ---àSelect efashion.mdb Database from C drive
          ---àClick on Ok ---àClick on Ok---àClick on Ok
To enable the BO services click on
          ---àClick on Start menu
          ---àBO XI 3.1
          ---àBusiness Objects Enterprise
          ---àCentral Configuration Manager
                   It displays the list of BO services.
          ---àRight click on Server Intelligent Agent ---àStart
          ---àRight click on Apache Tomcat ---àStart
                   We can start /stop services which are needed for us.
System: ABC [name of the computer where BO services are running]
Username: Administrator
Password: ............... [By default BLANK]
Authentication: Enterprise
In Authentication Enterprise indicates BO services.
1)    LDAP-----indicates Directory Services
2)    SAP -----indicates Source BW Systems
3)    Standalone(no CMS)----Local Database
4)    Windows AD----Windows Administrator Services.
5)    Windows NT----Windows Network Services

To create the Universe, use the following Navigations.
          ---àClick on Start menu
          ---àBO XI 3.1
          ---àBusiness Objects Enterprise
---àEnter BO Login Information
     ---àSelect Authentication as Enterprise ---àClick on Ok
---àClick on Cancel for Quick Design
---àClick on New Universe (ctrl+N)
---àName the Universe (access—Universe)
---àClick on NEW to create a new Connection
---àClick on Next in initial screen
---àName the Connection
---àExpand Microsoft
---àExpand the required Version of Access
---àSelect ODBC drivers
---àClick on Next
---àSelect the Created DSN--- [DSN11AM]
---àClick on Test Connection
---àIf the server is responding Click on Ok
---àClick on Next
---àClick on Next
---àClick on Finish
---àClick on Ok
---àSAVE the Universe (ctrl+S).
By default the Universe is saved with the extension (.unv) 


  1. Thanks a lot, can u please upload some videos.

  2. I don't see the efashion database in C drive.