Sunday, September 11, 2011

Query Filter/ Report Filter/ Level Restrictions

Query Filters:
If the Filter conditions are applied at Database Table is called as Query Filters.
Report Filters:
If the filter conditions are applied at reporting environment is called as Report Filters.
If the Filters are applied in Universe, these are called as Query Filters as Universe gets only restricted data into Reporting environment.
In the Universe, we can apply two types of Filters as
-------Object level Filter
-------Universe level Filter
Object level Restrictions/Filters:

Universe Level Restrictions/Filters:
To apply Object Level Restrictions
--------Double click on the required object
--------Place the cursor in where class and apply the required conditions.
To apply Universe Level Restrictions
-----àSelect the Radiobutton filters in Class Panel
-----àClick on Insert Menu
-----àSelect Condition
-----àPlace the cursor in where class
-----àApply the condition
-----àSelect the checkbox; use the filter as mandatory in query
-----àSelect the Radiobutton Apply on Universe or Apply on class

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